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Alice in Tea

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Branding, Logos, Print

Alice is a specialist of Chinese tea. She is originally from Czech Republic but is now studying the culture, history and biology of tea in China. There she is in contact with the farmers and is exposed to the wide variety of teas they produce. She wanted to share this with the European consumer and needed a logo.


The culture surrounding tea is interwined with tradition and the logo should show it. The logo includes two chinese characters. The upper one symbolises the letter “A” as in Alice but it is also the symbol for love. The lower character symbolises tea. The outer circle is designed to look like it was made in ink to show the traditional, back-to-the-roots phisolophy of the brand and create a connection to Chinese calligraphy. The circular shape marks a whole, continous connection and the shape a tea cup leaves on the table.


The red mark was added to grab attention and keep the viewer engaged. Inside the red shape there sits a leaf signifying the natural, light nature of these teas. The color red was a great fit as it is immediately noticeable and is also the official color of China.


Brochure provides the reader with a short introduction to Chinese teas. It includes the prices and a brief description of the available teas.All photos have been cropped round as many of them were not prefessionally taken. Often the background was such that it would distract the viewer.The colors were chosen to be peaceful and showcase the connection between tea and nature.


The menu for Alice in Tea is currently 52 pages. It includes the history and medical benefits of various teas as well as more specific info and pricing of around 30 teas. Traditional Chinese icnonography as well as both natural and traditional Chinese colors have been used. It is currently in use for Alice in Tea promotion and product offering.


The qustomer requested a simple questionnaire that would grab attention. She wished to gather feedback in order to improve her product offering. I proposed to make it postcard-sized as that’s a handy size doesn’t look like it would be too much work to fill in. The whole style is a little bit old-timey and the colors fit those of the menu. I wanted to keep the tea theme so I used tea leaves instead of numbers in the 1-5 scale.The added accents around the edges make the questionnaire seem important, almost official. We hoped that the guests would then put more effort into their answers.

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