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Branding, Logos

Girls by the river is a lifestyle project. At the time the logo was commissioned the GBTR team had produced a common vision for their enterprise but it was not yet clear what the products will be. They were considering sweaters but also jewellery and other items.


The vision behind the brand is of city girls who go for a weekend camping by  int he countryside. They wish to get away from the noise and be somewhere between nature, make a campfire, sleep in a tent, chat and relax. Yet they still wish to be comfortable and look good. The brand is to cater to this group with all the products they may need.


When I think of a beautiful summer day in nature I think of a lakeside. The sun is shining and the water is shimmering. Then, suddenly, I see a dragonly approaching. It flies so effortlessly as if it was enjoying the summer with me. You don’t see them anywhere but in the cleanest, most untouched places. Yet they are not messy or robust – they are light and elegant.


I sketched the simplest possible version of a dragonly and added the name of the brand. It was important that the logo was light and clear as to not distract from what actually matters – the product. The company was very happy with the product and we will be working together again on the design of their website.

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